Posted by Solid Strength Equipment on 10th Feb 2023

So — you’ve bought and laid your rubber flooring and/or jigsaw mats, and your commercial or home gym, dojo, studio, etc is looking sparkly clean and perfect! Now how to keep it that way? By learning and adhering to proper cleaning procedures and techniques you’ll keep your rubber gym flooring and jigsaw mats in good condition for years to come.

Failure to properly clean your gym flooring will result in a messy look and potentially some not-so-client friendly smells as well! Also, improper cleaning/use of chemicals or overcleaning can result in cracked, warped, or discoloured flooring.

First, some quick tips!

Some types of basic rubber granule gym flooring (like our 15mm Black Rubber Flooring and ones like it) are porous (absorb liquids). This goes for all types of liquid (gym parties and kids corners we’re looking at you! Eye emoji) and can be the #1 contributor to bad smelling flooring if certain liquids soak into your mats. If you have spills, clean them up quickly.

If you’ve bought our non porous ‘easy clean’ 15mm or 20mm flooring, you just have to watch for liquids getting between the mats.

If you’re cleaning a larger space, get a good mop bucket (one that has the top section to wring the mop out) like ones from commercial cleaning suppliers + a good mop.

Now, here are some simple tips and guidelines for cleaning and caring for your rubber gym flooring and jigsaw mats.

  • Sweep or vacuum floors to remove dirt and debris. If you’re using a vacuum cleaner on your jigsaw mats, make sure it’s not one with any hard bristles or heads that can tear up the surface of your mats (sometimes home vacuums have these).
  • Clean all rubber and Jigsaw MMA flooring with a neutral pH floor cleaner. Mix the floor cleaner, following the dilution % directions on the product. This will usually involve adding the solution to some warm water in your mop bucket.
  • Dip your mop into your cleaning solution. Wring most of the water out. Your mop should be lightly dripping, not soaking/pouring water on the ground. (Think of picking up dirtiness, not spreading water on your floor).
  • Depending on the size of your space, you may need to empty and refill your bucket more than once. If the water in your bucket has very grey/brown, you’re just spreading dirty water. More frequent cleaning means less bucket changes per clean.

Some things we recommend NOT doing!

DON’T use bleach or other harsh chemicals.
DON’T use alcohol based cleaning products. Even in the name of being COVID safe!
DON’T use high heat or steam cleaning machines. This could result in warping.
DON’T use the same cleaning products on your floor that you use to sanitise your equipment.
DON’T oversaturate your mats. If you do, pull them up and let them dry completely before re-laying them
DON’T use any machines that could potentially rip or tear your flooring — like hard bristles or too many moving parts.

Looking to re-do or upgrade your commercial or home gym flooring? Check out our flooring options here. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions.