Posted by Solid Strength Equipment on 20th Sep 2023

Whether you’re setting up a home gym or purchasing gear for a commercial fitness space, hex dumbbells are likely on your shopping list, and for good reason! Hex Dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment you can buy. They provide access to a huge range of exercises to target multiple different muscle groups, are easily portable, and don’t take up a huge amount of space. As you explore your options, you’ll encounter two types of dumbbells here — traditional metal-handle dumbbells and the newer rubber-covered handle dumbbells. In this blog, we’ll explore the unique features of rubber-covered handle dumbbells, showcasing their benefits that rival (and even surpass) those of their metal handle counterparts.

Traditional Metal Handle Dumbbells: A tried and true favourite
Traditional metal handle dumbbells have long been a staple in the fitness industry. Renowned for their durability, solid construction, and versatility, metal handle dumbbells are often the go-to choice for functional, HIIT, circuit, and strength workouts. The metal handles are normally knurled and so they provide a good grip — allowing for speed, control, and stability during exercises. It's important to recognise the reliability and longevity they offer, as they’ve stood the test of time in many CrossFit/functional fitness gyms and other commercial spaces.

Enter Rubber-Covered Handle Dumbbells: The new kid on the block
Rubber-covered handle dumbbells are the rare sequel that are actually better than the original! With all the same benefits of metal-handle dumbbells, rubber-covered handle dumbbells bring even more functionality plus bonus aesthetic appeal to your gym. 

First off, rubber-covered handle dumbbells boast all the durability and stability of their metal-handle counterparts. Their solid construction ensures they can also withstand heavy lifting and intense workouts with ease. However, they take it a step further by addressing some of the limitations of metal handle dumbbells.

Superior Grip: A game-changing advantage
Rubber-covered handle dumbbells offer an unparalleled grip that metal handle dumbbells can’t match. The textured (or knurled) rubber coating provides exceptional traction, even when your palms become sweaty during intense workouts. This superior grip minimises the risk of slippage, and allows you to focus on maintaining proper form and technique without interruptions. Whether you're performing high-intensity, high-repetition exercises or a slower-paced strength routine, the enhanced grip of rubber-covered handle dumbbells provides a level of control and comfort that is hard to match.

Aesthetic appeal: Form + function
In addition to their functional superiority, rubber-covered handle dumbbells are visually appealing (especially our range, if we do say so ourselves!), and who doesn’t enjoy using nice looking gear?! The sleek design and smooth black finish will complement any colour scheme and elevate your free weights area. The easy-to-read weight denominations in white on either dumbbell end mean you’ll easily find the weights you’re looking for every time. The stylish appearance of rubber-covered handle dumbbells elevates the overall aesthetics of your gym, making your training sessions, and your members’, more enjoyable and motivating.

The Perfect Blend: Uniting Functionality and Aesthetics
Rubber-covered handle dumbbells seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, offering the best of both worlds. They possess the durability and stability of traditional metal handle dumbbells, making them a reliable choice for challenging workouts. Simultaneously, their superior grip sets them apart, ensuring a secure hold and enhancing your performance. And the added benefit of a visually pleasing design is just the cherry on top! By incorporating all the trusted qualities of their metal-handle counterparts and elevating them with a superior grip and aesthetic appeal, rubber-covered handle dumbbells are proving themselves as the next generation of fitness equipment.

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